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Life Insurance

Owner, Bruce Williamson, is an independent life insurance agent.  Being independent allows him to impartially shop all of the major companies on the market to find his clients the best product at the best price.

He is very well trained and knowledgeable on the complexities of the insurance market and insurance law.  That knowledge combined with the fact that he's able to shop over 30 companies gives him a major advantage over most agencies.

There is no reason for clients to search all over the internet and do all of the paperwork themselves.  He can get the same pricing and products that the online companies have but you get a local agent that will help you through the process at no additional cost.

He will always offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique situation.  Whether you need coverage for the first time, are adding coverage due to life changes or just want a second opinion on what you currently own, he is happy to meet.

Let me find the coverage that's right for you:

  • Term Life Insurance
    Term life insurance is life insurance which provides coverage at a fixed premium for a limited period of time.
  • Universal Life Insurance
    Universal Life Insurance features a savings element that grows on a tax-deferred basis.
  • Whole Life Insurance
    Whole life insurance is the oldest form of life insurance policy available today.
  • Business Life Insurance
    Business life insurance can be a simple funding vehicle that is relatively easy to administer.

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